It's Time to Schedule Engine Cooling Service

Engines get very hot when driving even short distances. That is why our experienced Lincoln service team here at Gwinnett Place Lincoln want to ensure that you realize the importance of your radiator and cooling system. When a car's engine is running too hot, the radiator and associated cooling system is what keeps it from becoming damaged. Radiator fluid is used to draw out excess heat from the engine and expel it out into the surroundings. If engines run too hot, then their efficiency falls through the floor.

At a minimum, regardless of how often a car is driven, experts recommend that the radiator is flushed once every five years. This gives a qualified service member the chance to replace the old radiator fluid with new fluid to ensure your car is operating at the highest efficiency possible. For any additional automotive services, be sure to stop on by and see us at our Lincoln dealership in Duluth today!

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