Tire Sizes are Easier to Figure Out Than You May Think

The sizing guide on the side of your tires can look awfully convoluted if you haven't been taught how to read and break it down. If you aren't familiar with the letters and numbers, then it won't make much sense to you. The good news is that it isn't all that complicated once you get used to it. To give an example, if a tire reads P215/55R17 then that translates to:

  • P = Passenger vehicle type tire
  • 215 = Tire width. This tire is 215 millimeters wide.
  • 55 = Aspect ratio. The height of this tire would be 55% of the width.
  • R = Radial construction
  • 17 = Wheel diameter. This tire would fit onto a 17" wheel.

If you have any other tire-related questions, then feel free to contact one of the experts here at our Lincoln parts center in Duluth, GA. We are always happy to answer questions for our customers.

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