How Does the 911 Assist Work With SYNC 3?

911 Assist on SYNC 3

Even though you should always call 911 when you've been involved in a car accident, there will be times when you cannot make that call yourself. Rather than rely on the kindness of strangers to call for help, Ford has begun to feature an app in their newer vehicles called 911 Assist. 911 Assist alerts emergency services in the event you are in an accident so you don't have to. It also provides useful information such as how many seatbelts were being used, what type of collision you were in, and whether airbags were deployed. 911 Assist works well with SYNC 3, but even though it is usually turned on by default, you can still configure it to better work for you.

Before you access SYNC 3 or 911 Assist, you first need to turn on your vehicle's engine and pair your Bluetooth-compatible smartphone with SYNC 3. Once you activate SYNC 3, you should be able to access 911 Assist from the Feature Bar. Just touch 911 Assist, slide the appropriate button to On, and the app should be working for you if it isn't already.

911 Assist also allows you to designate two of the contacts from your phone as emergency contacts. You need to download your contacts list onto SYNC 3 from your smartphone, but once you do, you can choose two people you trust as emergency contacts. 911 Assist will call one of these people if you are in an accident after it alerts emergency services.

If you are not able to call 911 when you are in an accident 911 Assist can literally be a life-saver. To learn more about 911 Assist or SYNC 3, contact Gwinnett Lincoln dealership today.

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