The Value of Maintaining Tire Tread and Pressure

Our team of professionals at Gwinnett Place Lincoln are committed to ensuring that your vehicle's tires maintain proper pressure and tread. The reality is that properly inflated tires, with an appropriate tread, enhance safety, prolong the life of your tires, and increase fuel efficiency, thereby lowering the costs to operate your vehicle.

Improper pressure means that a tire is either under-inflated or over-inflated, both situations having a negative impact. At our Lincoln service shop, you can obtain an accurate reading of tire pressure, as well as a suitable adjustment as needed.

Low or irregular tread depth can also pose a safety hazard. A quick, easy test to ensure a proper tire tread can be accomplished with a penny. Turn Abraham Lincoln on his head and insert the penny into the tire tread groove. If you are able to see all of the former president's head, it likely is time to change the tire.

If you desire more information about tire maintenance, visit us at Gwinnett Place Lincoln in Duluth.

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