How Are SBE and Lincoln Taking Hospitality a Step Further?

How Are Hotel Guest Gaining Access to Lincoln Navigators and Continentals?

Rarely do giants spanning two industries make such significant strides in strategic luxury brand partnerships as Lincoln and sbe Hotels. Guests at sbe's eight United States locations can now access Lincoln's Black Label Navigator and Continental for their personal use during their sbe Hotel stay in California at the SLS Beverly Hills and Mondrian Los Angeles, New York at the Hudson Hotel, Florida at the SLS Brickell, Delano South Beach, SLS South Beach, and when opened, the SLS LUX Brickell and Hyde Hotel and Residences Midtown in the Miami area.

Combination in Luxury

An example of collaboration where everyone wins, Lincoln's partnership with sbe Hotels results in a winning luxury combination for guests. Making the Lincoln Black Label Navigator and Continental available to sbe Hotel guests at these eight locations validates the fact that guests are Lincoln's customers as well as sbe Hotel's. Similar stylish and lavish treatment remains specialty services provided by sbe and Lincoln on an everyday basis as intended by the nature of each company.

There is no doubt that each complements the other's company values. In this case, the collaborative effect has multiplied results. Loyal sbe Hotel guests expect luxurious access to advanced technology, revolutionary sbe Hotel offerings and the latest designs pairing comfort with style. Lincoln customers continue to return to their luxury vehicle product line because of Lincoln's well-known commitment to provide the latest innovations in consumer transportation, consideration for the comfort of drivers and passengers and the most current smart compatibility with the vehicles they offer.

Common Goals

Alignment of goals is one way to describe the fellowship between sbe and Lincoln. sbe's goal of creating memorable destinations aligns perfectly with Lincoln's goal, that of creating an unforgettable journey to your destination. Both maintain traditions steeped in exceptional luxury, incomparable amenities and extraordinary services.

Hotel guests get additional special services through chauffeurs offering a VIP experience around areas nearby the hotels as well as incomparable transportation to and from the hotel. Announce and celebration of this partnership in hospitality coincided with the latest Lincoln Navigator's premiere presented in a celebrity-studded five-star party.

How Are Hotel Guest Gaining Access to Lincoln Navigators and Continentals?

Lincoln Style

Lincoln's Navigator, offering a twin turbo engine with 450 horsepower, has a 10-speed transmission with electronic engine control and dual-point fuel injection. From French themes to Alpine luxurious leisure crafts, your Black Label Navigator has well-appointed Venetian leather and wood accents. With a twist of the dial, your choice of six different and distinct driver modes takes you on an exhilarating edge-of-your-seat ride that offers you control over every twisting turn to a conservative quiet ride smoothly through the park. Shift points, 4x2 or 4x4 drive, adaptive suspension and more are yours with just a twist.

Use Lincolns patented Connect service for 4G LTE Wi-Fi, a hotspot accessible up to 50 feet from your vehicle. Connect up to 10 devices with the embedded modem. Keep your head up and see information you program projected onto the windshield for additional safety. Lane assist and adaptive cruise control handles the driving on your behalf in stop and go traffic. Sensitive LED headlights guide your attention to areas important to the driver's view.

Lincoln Service

Whether your Black Label Navigator experience began with a stay at an sbe Hotel or continues as a longtime Lincoln customer, your luxurious experience begins before the showroom. A dedicated liaison assigned to you will arrange a private viewing in the dealership or, with your approval, will bring the vehicle and showroom to you. Curated service begins over fine dining at select restaurants offering the finest culinary collections. It continues with our premium service and maintenance plan covering all recommended services. Receive complimentary car washes and annual detailing with our Black Label dealer who knows just how to keep your Navigator pristine.

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