How to Protect Your Leather Car Seats

2018 Lincoln MKT Leather Seats

Keep Your Leather Seats in Top Condition with Proper Cleaning

When you choose leather seats for your vehicle, you are going to ride in comfort and style. Leather seats last a very long time, but you have to condition your leather in the right way to keep it from cracking or fading. The more you use the leather seats in the car, the softer, more pliable they will become. When you want to enjoy the leather seating in your vehicle without worrying about damaging the leather, it's time to learn how to clean and protect your leather seats.

Soft Brush Vacuum Attachments Work Best

You can use a small dustpan and broom to wipe of your leather seats. While this works in a vehicle with cloth seats, a small broom will scratch the leather in your car. Any pebbles or small pieces of debris that get stuck in the broom will get scratched across the leather surface as you are sweeping. Use a vacuum that has a soft brush attachment to clean your leather seats the right way. Pay attention to space between your seats, and use the right attachments to reach any dirt that may get through the cracks.

Use a Soft, Moist Cloth to Wipe Down Your Leather Seats

Once you have vacuumed your leather car seats, use a moist, soft cloth to clean the surface. You can use leather cleaner, but make sure it doesn't contain harsh chemicals.

In general, the more expensive the leather cleaner is, the better it is for your car seats. You are better off using water and a mild soap than using a cheap leather cleaner. Cheap leather cleaning products use chemicals that make your leather look great in the beginning and deteriorate the leather over time. Prepare your leather seats for conditioning by wiping them down first with a damp microfiber cloth and your leather will look great.

Invest in Quality Leather Conditioner for Your Leather Seats

The sun can fade your leather seats, while a lack of conditioning can make your leather seats dry and cracked. Invest in quality leather conditioner and apply it according to the package once you have wiped down the leather seats with a damp cloth. Pay attention to the directions, and apply the leather conditioner as often as recommended to keep your leather seats in top shape.

After cleaning your leather seats, look for ways to avoid unnecessary dirt and spills in your car. If you have kids, use a cover beneath their car seats to minimize contact between the leather and child protection seats. For pets, wipe down your pet if they got all dirty while going for a walk, and use a pet safe blanket designed for protecting car seats.

When you enjoy the look and feel of leather seats, it's possible to have the seats last for many years. The leather is very durable, and as long as it doesn't get dry, it won't crack on you. If you live in harsh weather conditions, be mindful that you may need to condition your leather seats more frequently in really hot or cold weather. If you aren't sure how often to condition your leather seats, visit our service center at Gwinnett Place Lincoln to learn more.

Our dealership offers a wide variety of vehicles to meet the needs of any budget, including those with leather seating as an option. If you want to learn more about the choices you have when it comes to a leather interior and seating, talk with one of our professional sales team members to see what we have available. When it comes to leather seating, you have choices.

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