What Should a Driver Do When the Low Tire Pressure Light Stays On?

When your tire pressure monitoring light comes on, it is a good idea to pull over and observe all four of your tires. Sometimes, it will be difficult to see any problem. When the light comes on, and the tires appear full, check the tire pressure with a tire pressure gauge. These handy little tools are inexpensive and should always be available.

If you find that one or more of your tires has low air pressure, do not drive on it. Driving with low tire air pressure damages the sidewalls of the tire. There may not be any apparent damage to the tire, but later, after you have inflated the tire to the proper level and you take off down the road, you are traveling on a weakened tire. Call for service.

We at Gwinnett Place Lincoln provide road-side service for just such events. Contact our Lincoln parts and repair shop in Duluth, GA for service on your tires.

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