Lincoln Ups the Ante with Adaptive Suspension and Road Previewing

Adaptive Suspension and Road Previewing

How it Works?

The Adaptive Suspension is built around a series of electronic sensors and an ultra-fast computing process. A dozen sensors continuously monitor road conditions, vehicle speed, wheel height, a change in velocity and a host of other factors. It can sense a change in height of as little as two inches. It can also detect variances in the road of up to 50 feet away, due to its front-mounted camera. The monitoring process is faster than the human eye or the human brain can imagine. The system reads the road up to 500 times per second.

Adjustments Made as Needed

When the Lincoln senses a change in the road, it makes adjustments as needed. As with its Road Preview monitoring, the adjustments are made faster than any driver could do, .up to 100 times per second. Adjustments can be made by stiffening or loosening shocks, The Adaptive Suspension can make these adjustments so quickly due to its CPU. It is capable of reading 23,000 pieces of data each second.

The adjustments made can be substantial. For example, when the system senses a severe drop in road terrain, the suspension immediately stiffens the shock absorber to handle the wheel drop. This feature will be a blessing for anyone who has driven over a pothole infested road in Georgia or other rough terrains.

The Adaptive Suspension

The Adaptive Suspension allows the driver to utilize three settings: Normal for typical driving conditions; Comfort for rougher roads; and Sport, when the driver wants a stiffer and more responsive feel. Each mode will utilize the Adaptive Suspension monitoring and automatic adjustments. It will just provide a different feel for the individual driver.

The Adaptive Suspension will be an option on the Lincoln Aviator model for 2020. The Aviator can also provide an air ride suspension, which replaces coil springs with compressed air that is continuously adjustable.

Proud Lincoln Dealership

At Gwinnett Place Lincoln, we are a proud Lincoln dealership servicing buyers all around Georgia. We would be thrilled to explain all of the features of our newest models. But we know that feeling the ride is the best method of demonstrating it. Contact us for an appointment to feel what the latest technology has done for Lincoln.

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