The American Luxury Car Brand Match Up: Lincoln vs. Cadillac (Lincoln wins)

The Winning Luxury of the Lincoln Aviator

Lincoln and Cadillac Head-to-Head

The Lincoln and Cadillac matchup isn't a brand new one. These two automakers have been going head-to-head for decades now, slugging it out for luxury supremacy in a way that even the Ford/Chevy match up can't compete with. These two automakers are dead serious about being the luxury kings of the road. Lincoln and Cadillac can both make Detroit a winner again, but only one of these brands is going to trump the other, and we're putting on money on Lincoln right now.

The American Luxury Car Brand Match Up Winner

Lincoln's commitment to winning this race is evident in its upgraded powertrains and Aviator model (its first plug-in hybrid). Plug-in hybrids are the trend of the future, and that's where you're going to find the Lincoln brand from now on. Take for example that the Continental is getting ready to have an 80th Anniversary Edition. That breeds a lot of excitement for Lincoln fans that are in the past, present, and future of the brand's heart. You can expect that the Lincoln Continental anniversary edition will be one of the finest luxury cars to ever roll on the road, a true testament to the city that Lincoln was born in rising from the ashes as something more spectacular than it was even before its fall.

Lincoln is also a brand that rests less on its name and more on its innovations. The Lincoln of the future will focus not just on the fact that it's one of the world's top luxury brands, but that luxury buyers want more comfort than ever before. Expect those upgraded interiors to duke it out profitably with even Cadillac. The Lincoln of the future is also using connectivity to get ahead. New technologies and rentals at fine hotels (supplied via apps to luxury guests) will be a huge advance over competitors.

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Lincoln and Cadillac have come a long way in the luxury match up race they've been running for at least the last 80 years, but you can bet that it's going to be more competitive than ever before in the coming decades. Expect Lincoln to come out swinging, and winning, thanks to good old-fashioned determination and know-how. If you have any questions about the Lincoln brand's history and to experience your favorite model in a test drive, just contact our dealership today.

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