What is Lincoln® Light Touch Handle Electronic Door System?

Lincoln is committed to offering the latest and greatest vehicle technology and features available on the market. One of the more new features that you won't find everywhere is the Lincoln Light Touch Handle Electronic Door System. This system provides you with easy access to your vehicle without having to fiddle around with your door handle. There's a door sensor that will sense your movement when you get near the door handle. The interior of the vehicle has a similar feature that prevents you from having to grab a handle and pull.

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Introducing the Lincoln Access Rewards Program

Lincoln vehicles are in a class by themselves. As an owner, you've become well aware of the advantages of owning one. Now, enjoy even more perks with the Access Rewards Program. As a member of this loyalty program, you get access to exclusive rewards at every level just by bringing your vehicle in for servicing, buying accessories or taking advantage of other promotions available at participating dealerships.

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Lincoln Ups the Ante with Adaptive Suspension and Road Previewing

Adaptive Suspension and Road Previewing

How it Works?

The Adaptive Suspension is built around a series of electronic sensors and an ultra-fast computing process. A dozen sensors continuously monitor road conditions, vehicle speed, wheel height, a change in velocity and a host of other factors. It can sense a change in height of as little as two inches. It can also detect variances in the road of up to 50 feet away, due to its front-mounted camera. The monitoring process is faster than the human eye or the human brain can imagine. The system reads the road up to 500 times per second.

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How To Maintain Your Car's Value

Lincoln Resale Value

Your car is likely used numerous times each week as you rely on it to get around. Over time, the vehicle can suffer from wear and tear or damage. If you want to maintain your car's value, there are a few important tips to follow.

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