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When you lease here at Gwinnett Place Lincoln, you get your pick of the cream of the crop. And a very special part of that crop is the Lincoln MKX, a Lincoln model that first debuted in 2007 (released December 2006 for the 2007 year). Since then the MKX has made a name for itself as a true luxury midsize SUV crossover that gives you the aura of a luxury sedan with the size and power of an SUV. It's everything you might want in your next vehicle, and everyone here at Gwinnett Place Lincoln is happy to tell you that we have a wealth of lease specials just waiting for you to take advantage of them. Our friendly salespeople are standing by to share the good news. It's easier now than ever before to lease a vehicle and avoid the high monthly fees and down payments associated with buying new cars. You can get that same car to drive for the next few years, under warranty, and ready to serve you just as if you owned it. Here are a few other reasons why you might want to lease!

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What Are the Benefits of Leasing a Lincoln MKX?

The chief reason to lease is that you don't want to pay a hefty down payment and monthly car payment for the next 10 years. It's sometimes really that simple. When you buy a new vehicle, you finance the entire value of the car, and that can be VERY expensive. It locks you into a payment arrangement for the next decade or more and doesn't free up money for any new vehicles for a very long time (at least for most folks). If you like to drive new vehicles always, then leasing is THE way to achieve that if you don't have the money to buy new every few years.

When you lease, you finance only the price of the vehicle during the time you're driving it. Whatever its depreciation is during that time, your monthly payment will be calculated from that. The result? A much lower monthly payment that will agree with your budget a lot more. Many folks simply don't want to throw down a large portion of their monthly income to a "new car" payment, especially since they might want to have another new car in a few years. The benefit of leasing new is that the vehicle is still under warranty, and you're going to save money not just on your monthly car payment but also on your repairs. And that is something many of our customers want to do. We also have great incentives to lease! This might mean a $0 down payment, free gas for a year, or breaks on road tax, something that also adds up over the years. If you're leasing for business, you can also take advantage of many tax breaks over the years. Who doesn't love getting a tax break on anything these days? If you're ready to lease a Lincoln MKX, today is the day to call! Our friendly staff is standing by, ready to schedule your first test drive and let you know our current lease specials. Just pick up the phone and call Gwinnett Place Lincoln today to get started on owning one of these beautiful crossover SUVs.


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