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Your car battery is important so give it the maintenance it needs. Learn more about your battery and how to take care of it in this video.

A car battery is vital for the continuing function of your vehicle. It may not need as close attention as your brakes or your tires, but it still needs regular service. Without it getting frequently checked, you may find that your car battery fails suddenly, while you are out and about. Make sure you don't end up stranded by learning about the signs of battery failure. There are also easy ways to help your battery last its full lifespan.

Signs Your Battery Needs Maintenancey

With standard use and care, the average car battery lasts around three years. Though in some cases, batteries will function for around five years. Without regular maintenance you may find that your battery fails and you need a new one much more often, which can really start to add up. Regular maintenance means you can catch problems before they cause battery failure.

Some symptoms that may mean your battery will fail are:

  • Low battery fluid levels
  • The check battery light appears on your dashboard
  • There is excessive leakage and corrosion on the battery casing
  • Heat has caused the casing to bloat
  • The engine cranks slowly and is exerting a lot of effort to start
These  signals may mean it is the right time to schedule a  service appointment at Gwinnett Place Lincoln, or you could be at risk for  sudden battery failure.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Battery

Lincoln Batter Service, Grapevine, TX

Regular maintenance and attention for your battery will help it last the normal three years or even the full five years. There are a few practices that that will help you achieve that:

  1. Maintain Fluid Levels
    Low battery fluid is a major cause of battery failure. Keeping track of the fluid levels will help mitigate risk of a dead battery.
  3. Clean the Battery Casing
    Corrosion isn't preventable but it is controllable. Clean off the residue from corrosion and prevent damage to your car.
  5. Get Regular Service
    Don't want to manage the battery yourself? Trust Gwinnett Place Lincoln to service your battery and keep it running reliably. We will also be able to let you know when it is time for a brand new battery and will find the perfect one for your car.

Go To Gwinnet Place Lincoln for Battery Replacement

At Gwinnett Place Lincoln, our service team will take good care of your luxury car and provide excellent customer service to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Avoid sudden battery failure by trusting the service center at our dealership in Duluth with regular service for your vehicle.

You can schedule an  appointment online for battery service at Gwinnett Place Lincoln and you  can also check out the service specials at our dealership.


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